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At Peak Performance by JC the mission is to promote health through physical fitness.  With dual ISSA certifications as a Fitness Trainer and a Specialist in Sports Nutritionist as well as NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist certification, I am well equipped and experienced in developing individualized fitness and / or nutritional programs tailored to each and every client.  Whether you are male or female, young or not so young, experienced or a first time fitness enthusiast I can work with you and help you meet your goals.  Any goal is possible!  Whether you are interested in improving your strength and building muscle mass, losing weight, toning your body or simply want to make a transition towards living a healthier lifestyle, you have found the perfect trainer for you.

We  will  start  by  discussing  your  goals  and  performing  a  baseline  assessment  including  present  level  of  physical fitness noting any specific challenges, body composition, present life style and desired time frame.  Based on this assessment I will use my extensive knowledge and expertise to design a comprehensive training and / or nutritional program individualized  for you.  The training and / or nutritional program will be tailored to  your  likes  and  dislikes  and  will  account  for  any specific challenges you may have.  We will then work together as a team, drill instructor and recruit,  or  motivational  expert  and  athlete – whenever,  wherever,  however you need  – making sure you are making progress toward your goals.  The schedule will be built with your preferences in mind and around your convenience.  Whether it’s improving your endurance capabilities to run your  first  5K  or  a  marathon,  building lean muscle mass and toning your body,  or simply  shedding  those  extra  pounds  I  will work with you to develop a program geared for your success.

Perhaps  you  have  your  fitness  routine  under control and are looking more for an educated, experienced nutritionist to help you meet your goals smarter  and  faster.   Or  maybe  you  want  to  start your journey to a healthy lifestyle with a nutrition program first and tackle physical fitness as a second step.   Either way,  as  an ISSA Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition I can develop a nutritional program for any client from the endurance athlete  to  the  body-builder to the coach potatoe.   If  you  desire,  I  can  also  guide  you  through  proper  supplementation  ensuring  that all your nutritional needs are being met.

I encourage you to take a look at the Services page to get a more detailed description of everything I do for my clients.

Don’t forget to look at the very reasonable rates I offer….

If you find that my skills are what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me.

JC Manzanares

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